The 3rd IEEE International Conference on DC Microgrids (ICDCM) was held on May 20-23rd in Kunibiki Messe, Matsue, Shimane, Japan. Professor Isobe and Ph. D student (D2) Zhang Haoyu attended the conference.

This conference aims to bring together professionals from industry and researchers in the field of DC microgrids and related technologies to advance understanding and capability for endpoint use of DC systems and technologies. In the 3rd IEEE ICDCM, 126 paper have been accepted and over 200 researches have attended the meeting.

Matsue is a historical and beautiful city. The coming of the conference brings a little vitality for this quiet city. The introduction of conference could be seen as soon as reaching Yonago airport. The hotel is near the meeting venue and just cross a bridge. The river flow under the bridge in the day and night and final reach their destination – 宍道湖 (Shinjiko) which is the 7th largest freshwater lake. The Matsue Ohashi Bridge could been seen far away and like the  eyebrow of Shinjiko.

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During the conference, there are 16 sessions which contains Power electronics for grids, technology and demonstration of DC Microgrids, DC applicactions for transportation and so on. Zhang Haoyu made a poster presentation titled as ” Passive Components Size Rdeuction in Solid-State Transformers for EV Fast Charging System” on 23rd. This topic attracted many audience and they were intested in the proposed control method and calculation progress. The author has answered their questions and exchanged their opinion on SST system optimization.

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On the third day, the committee held the social event. The conventioner took the sightseeing boat to go to Matsue Castle and visited Adachi Museum. They enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Japanese No.1 gardening. In the evening, the banquet was held in Yushi-En which is a peony graden on Taikonshima. Many delicious traditional Japanese food and sake have given a deep impression for everyone.

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From this conference, so many advanced reasearch results have been learned from the presentations. This is a good opportunity the communicate with other researches and coming out some new ideas.

Author  D2 Zhang Haoyu