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Research on Power Electronics

Power Electronics Course of TIA Partner Graduate School has opened at University of Tsukuba in April, 2013, with the support of two donated fund laboratories and one partner graduate school.

Our Laboratory has been established to cultivate technical talents that will play an active role in a company and be capable of spreading of high level skills of power electronics and laying a solid foundation for the development of power electronics.

Students can systematically learn much knowledge about power electronics and can improve the practical skills by the cooperation research with companies.

Among universities in Japan, Generally, power electronics research has been carried out in five areas, including  “materials”, “devices”, “modules”, “circuits” and “systems”.

However, we think it is indispensable to investigate and develop technique of power electronics in the 5 areas in our laboratory.We aim at forming a research group where students can grasp knowledge about powerelectronics systematically from materials to systems.

Cooperative Research in Tsukuba area

TIA-nano is a global nanotechnology research center in Tsukuba science city. The core members of TIA-nano are National Institute of Advanced International Science and Technology (AIST), National Institute for Material Science (NIMS), High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) and University of Tsukuba.

The Power Electronics Laboratory in University of Tsukuba is devoted to cooperative research with AIST. Specially, we can fabricate SiC·power devices by the cleaning room in AIST, evaluate device reliability and parse module, and so on. Besides, we are also cooperating with KEK to develop the SiC devices which can be applied for the high speed and high pulse voltage generators.

Collaboration (Academic-Industrial Alliance)

The field of Power electronics is tightly linked with industry and we have been actively promoting the collaboration between industry and academia. Since 2014, we have implemented joint researches with many companies and institutes on different themes, from the basic research of device to the practical application in light of novel convention circuit.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you seek seeds of research collaboration.

International Joint Research

We are also actively advancing the cooperation with overseas universities. We organize symposiums and invited lectures from overseas, promote the academic exchange among post-doctors and co-write papers.

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